Monday, February 11, 2019

Mr. President, the issue of the National ID Cards is of great concern to the Gambian people. It should be known that these are national documents and should be made affordable and accessible to all Gambians. The ID is biometric which facilitates people’s travel in ECOWAS countries.

When the contract of issuing of ID Cards was awarded to SEMLEX Company, there were lots of controversy especially with regard to the price. Now that Gambians have accepted the price, accessing the ID cards is a problem too. People will spend a whole day in SEMLEX office and the Immigration Department office in charge of issuing the ID for hours without being attended to. There should be a mobile team of immigration to go to offices to assist staff before they leave office the whole day to queue.

Mr. President, the issuing of the National ID, passports, driving licences and all other official documents should be decentralised throughout the country so that every Gambian can have them without any difficulties.

The process of acquiring these documents should be very standard without favour or segregation. Anyone who has all the required documents should be able to get the ID cards irrespective of his/her colour or tribe as some may have parents of different origin; yet were born in the Gambia and are entitled to get all Gambian documents.

Mr. President, Banjulians are happy and anxiously waiting for laying of the foundation stone of projects to start on the 16th February 2019 in Banjul. The project which entails the rehabilitation of the streets and drainage system is very timely and welcomed as Banjul is the capital city of The Gambia and needs to be modernized.

The rainy season is fast approaching and work should start now and also be fast. We expect this project to cater for all the streets of Banjul not forgetting Bond Road. Most of the trucks and old vehicles parking on the shoulders of the streets should all be cleared to make the streets wider and give Banjul a real city look.

Finally Mr. President, it’s time for your government to update the general public on the latest progress of the hosting of the OIC summit here in The Gambia as it’s barely 9 months before the summit.

There are many speculations as so far no development projects and no preparations have been started that is geared towards the successful hosting of the summit.

Good day!