Monday, February 04, 2019

Mr. President, on Saturday 2nd February 2019, the highest learning institute in The Gambia, the University of The Gambia, during its 11th Convocation Ceremony graduated the first ever home trained journalists from the School of Journalism and Digital Media. A total of 13 students graduated with bachelor’s degrees.

While commending the deans of all the various faculties in the University that presented candidates from their schools for the graduation, we would like to in a special way commend the dean of School of Journalism, Nana Grey Johnson, a veteran journalist for working very hard to see that Gambia has a School of Journalism and also leading the first batch of graduates from the School of Journalism.

Mr. President, the Gambia Revenue Authority should be commended for a job well done through the leadership of their Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe, in increasing their financial gains by collecting D9.13 billion, an increase of D1.08 billion which represents 13% above the set target. Kudos to the GRA Management and staff and do keep up the good job.

The monies collected should be put to good use and staff of the GRA should also be encouraged by giving them incentives and good facilities so that they can continue the good work.

Mr. President, the issue of  mining in the country seems to be a big problem and this shouldn’t be ignored.  Recently we have seen issues of mining companies claiming to have been issued licence from Government and yet the communities wouldn’t allow them to do any activities on the mining sites.

The authorities involved in issuing mining licences should also try to engage the communities and companies together before issuing any licence to avoid a repeat of the Faraba incident.  The communities too should understand that there are reserve lands for such activities and not to obstruct work in those areas for development projects have to take place and structures have to be built too.

Finally, Mr. President, we still want to congratulate all the 2019 graduates from the University of The Gambia for successfully completing their studies and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. We would like to remind you that the University of The Gambia is so far the government’s highest learning institute. Therefore your government should do everything possible to help them in putting up proper structures, furniture and other equipment in place to make it a very conducive learning environment and a world class university in the near future.

We hope that your government will look into building a second university for The Gambia.

Good day!