Monday, January 28, 2019

Mr. President, the TRRC has finally kick started with many surprising as well as disappointing revelations.

So far about 11 witnesses have testified in the ongoing TRRC and more are expected to come and give their testimonies too.

But the witness from the prison’s office seems to have caught the attention of the general public when he revealed the state of the Mile 2. Though most of what he said was during Dictator Jammeh’s era, yet some still exist.

Mr. President, when you came into office, you promised to rehabilitate the Mile 2 Prisons Centre but as the witness put it, it’s time for action and not talking. All the prison centres in the country need rehabilitation. The facility in the prison needs to be improved. The prison laws need to be revisited. The salaries of prison officers need to be increased.  The prison staffs need to be capacitated and trained. The list goes on and on.

Mr. President, the OIC Summit is just around the corner and we have seen that some roads in the country need to be expanded especially the Bertil Harding highway which is also the high way leading to the OIC Summit Conference centre.

If this expansion of the Bertile Harding highway has to take place, a lot of buildings along that highway would be destroyed for space.  But have the authorities concerned started engaging property owners for a dialogue and a possibility of giving them another location for compensation? This has to be cleared to the general public as everyone needs to know; besides time is against us.

Finally, Mr. President, we will continue reminding and calling upon the authorities involved to take a look at the transport system and the difficulties commuters encounter on a daily basis.

This problem seems to be growing from bad to worst and urgent attention is needed.

Good Day!