Monday, January 21, 2019

Mr. President, Saturday the 19th of January marked your two years in office. Congratulations!

As you rightly said in one of your interviews, to be a President is one of the most difficult jobs. Indeed, it is, because people expect you to do everything for the nation which is not possible because the resources are not there.

Mr. President, as leader, you should always take advice from experienced people to guide you. Never allow people to fabricate lies to tarnish or undermine their colleagues.

As a leader, you should be firm, and committed to your job by exploring avenues to meet challenges of the basic needs of Gambians which includes free education, promoting freedom of expression, democracy, and good governance, good healthcare system and transportation. You must also clear the air once and for all whether you will stay in office for three years as agreed with the coalition members or whether you will go for five years as requested by the Constitution.

Mr. President, the TRRC is currently going on. So far, we have heard eight witnesses with startling revelations. Do not waste any time in dismissing those who are still in the system and had played a part in the past atrocities and for those that are still in the country shouldn’t be allowed to flee.

For better communication and effective participation of citizens, there should be translation of the TRRC proceedings in some of the local languages for the benefit of those who can’t speak English.

Mr. President, it was a good move by you and your colleague Macky Sall to work cordially for the benefit of the people of Senegambia to live in peace and harmony. The inauguration of the Trans-Gambia Bridge today is historical.

For many years since the era of former President Leopold Sedar Senghor, first Senegalese President and Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, first President of The Gambia, it was planned but did not materialise until 2016.

We thank the African Development Bank for allocating the grant of 63 million dollars to the two countries to make the construction of the bridge a reality.

This Trans-Gambia Bridge will promote trade in the region especially for Gambia that is the supermarket of the region.

 Finally, Mr. President as we celebrate the historic opening of the Trans-Gambia Bridge, please let your government not forget the transport system in the country, which needs serious attention. Your government should help the populace with public transportation from Banjul to Brikama as students, and workers struggle on a daily basis to be at work and school on time and return home.

Good day!