Monday, January 14, 2019

Mr. President, the National Transport System needs immediate attention because it’s in total disarray. Your government needs to act fast.

Your government must play its role to minimize the total monopoly of the private sector in this system. It’s a naked reality that workers within the Greater Banjul Area and the West Coast Region are feeling the pinch of this self-imposed double, triple fare charges by the drivers. Many people cannot afford this but they are forced by circumstances to do otherwise.

Mr. President, roads in Greater Banjul and Brikama need rehabilitation and expansion as most of them are very narrow thus causing traffic congestion especially during working and rush hours. The Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure should act now before it’s too late. No country can develop without good and wide road network.

The Gambia, being a small country should be easy to develop with very good road network. Infrastructural development and road expansion should also be part of your development priorities.

Mr. President, the plight of farmers should be considered. Their priority should be highly valued. When your government announced the price of groundnut this year, excitement really swept across the country and the farmers were so excited as such price has never been announced in this country.

However Mr. President, today, many farmers seem to have their hopes dazed as government is not buying their groundnut as expected which is prompting farmers to cross to neighbouring Senegal to sell their groundnuts. Your government should act before you lose the groundnut market to Senegal.

Mr. President, the miscommunication between you and the Justice Minister about the Faraba Bantang issue is a regrettable situation that you both should work on. This is not the first time such is happening and it can’t continue like this.

Kindly put your house in order to avoid such misunderstanding again. It will be wise that you leave authorities concerned to deal with cases under your guidance to avoid issuing press releases and retracting them again. Mistakes are allowed but not always.

Finally Mr. President, the issue of the guns importation without licence shouldn’t be taken lightly as Gambians don’t know and wont welcome the selling of guns whether licenced or not in the country.

Good day!