Monday, December 24, 2018

Mr. President, Seasons greetings to you and your family and by extension the entire Gambian populace.

As we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, we want to wish our Christian brothers and sisters a very merry X’mas and a prosperous new year in advance.  In The Gambia, both Muslims and Christians celebrate Christmas as we live together and play together, work together etc.

Religious tolerance has been very practical in The Gambia since independence. Muslims and Christians always celebrate all feasts together regardless of which religion one belongs to and we hope that your government will work towards nurturing and promoting this relationship that ever existed between the two religions.

Mr. President, recently, a lot of speculations, gossips and war of words have been going on between your “Political Godfather” Vice President Ousainou Darboe, the party leader and secretary general of the largest political party in the country and yourself, which is of interest to the nation.

Lawyer Darboe at the recent UDP congress said, “UDP recognises only UDP youth wing, other than that, any youth movement pretending to be UDP is not recognized.” Mr. President you have also said: “I am an independent candidate and don’t belong to any political party. The Barrow youth movement is here for national development by providing boreholes and lands for gardening and milling machines.”

It’s time that you both trash out your individual or party problems maturely.  One doesn’t expect a president and his vice president to be in this controversy state, which might on one hand affect the smooth running of the affairs of the state. It’s time to be discussing development projects that will greatly impact the lives of the Gambian people and not to be in a war of words about youth movements. 

Mr. President, having youth movements is not a bad idea but these youth movements should be very transparent and accountable in whatever they are doing. The Gambian people have a right to know the projects that the president’s youth movement is involved in and the source of financing for their projects.

These youth movements shouldn’t be collecting monies in your name to finance any of their projects in any form.

Mr. President, the recently signed 50 million dollar grant from China, is a project to construct roads and bridges in URR and was very much anticipated by the people of URR as transportation was one of the major problems that they face.

As the funds are already in hand, nothing should deter the quick starting and completing of the projects which will greatly assist the people of URR.

Finally Mr. President, the year 2018 is coming to an end and the Gambian people are anxiously waiting for your new year’s message and resolution and the development projects that you have in store for The Gambia for the year 2019.

Merry Xmas and a happy new year in advance.

Good Day!