Monday, December 10, 2018

Mr. President, the OIC summit is fast approaching and we are yet to see your government start the necessary developments for the success of the summit. There is need for better improvement in the electricity and water systems in the country. Most of the roads are in very bad shape and needs to be rehabilitated.  Time is against us, we should start work now since the funds are now available.

Mr. President, since we are in an Information Age, it is very important to always put into account your way of communication, the choice of words and the vitality of words. We have always been emphasising this. It is very sad that your last statement at State House during your meeting with the people of Western Region was greatly misinterpreted and totally put out of context, and it became a concern to the citizenry before the director of press clear the air.

Your statement at first didn’t go well with many as people saw it as a threat to the nation because it was unfairly edited by some unscrupulous people. Your emphasis on having more power because you have the Police the Army, SIS and the ECOMIG forces wasn’t a necessary statement, but it was later realised you were trying to explain the importance of how that power is used. However, it is important not to utter certain words at certain gatherings and we hope that we will all learn from there. 

Mr. President, when you came to power, you were able to restore freedom of speech and the rule of law back to the country which everyone appreciated.

Your government should now concentrate on the socio-economic of the country and development projects.  Hence you have the backing of many international organisations, you have the chance to appeal for more assistance for more developments that the country really need. Your government needs assistance in the Education, Health, transportation and Energy sector as soon as possible.

Finally Mr. President, the alkalos and chiefs shouldn’t be part of the political actors. They should be independent like the security forces, so we expect you not to include them in your political activities to gain more backing from the communities.

The constitution of the country has given any Gambian without a criminal record to form political party in which you not an exception. You are free to form your own political party anytime you wish but involve the right people.

Good Day!