Monday, December 03, 2018

Mr. President, we can never stop reminding you and the authorities responsible for the transportation in the country on the difficulties people are facing on transportation on a daily basis.  Road transportation is very vital in The Gambia as it’s the widely used means of transportation for the movement of people and goods on a daily basis.

Your government is doing nothing in addressing this national transport constraint particularly in the KMC and West Coast Region. Your government should intensify its efforts and enhance the transport system by bringing in more buses to help address this menace once and for all.

Mr. President, please be reminded that the Trade Season for farmers is fast approaching and your government should make sure that farmers’produce particularly groundnut is greeted with very attractive prices.

Groundnut production has drastically reduced now because farmers are not encouraged and the prices paid are not satisfactory. Your government should make sure that farmers’ products are not taken on credit basis so that they will have confidence in our government. Farmers are one of the assets of this country, and therefore need to be encouraged.

Mr. President, your government should make more efforts through the Drug enforcement Agency NDEA to curb the cultivation, harbouring and selling of cannabis and other illicit drugs which is becoming very rampant in the country especially in the West Coast Region.

We commend the NDEA for the breakthroughs they are making in arresting some of the drug dealers and urge them to make more efforts in order to make The Gambia a drug free country.

Mr. President, the Economy Minister recently announced the proposal for a 50% salary increment by the year 2019. This would be a blessing as the central government’s pay scale is very low considering the consistent prices hikes of basic commodities in the country.

Your government should stand firm to make sure that this proposed development is put into effect in order to help many families improve their living standards.

Finally Mr. President, the UDP saga should be put to an end. As the party with the majority of supporters, they should be exemplary in the political arena and not to be causing unnecessary disputes amongst themselves within the same party. We advise that you settle for a dialogue and focus on the nation’s development plan as time is going and the 5 years will soon elapse.

We remind all political parties that its time for them to go for congress as advised by the Electoral Commission chairman.

Good day!