Monday, November 26, 2018

Mr. President, we would like to remind you again that tourism is a very important sector that is contributing greatly to Gambia’s economy. Tourism has been over the years, the second foreign exchange earner of The Gambia and thus shouldn’t be compromised.
Your recent cancellation of the decision to introduce new security levy on all passengers at the Banjul International Airport, on which several tour operators raised concerns was very realistic, taking into consideration the negative impact it would have had on the just opened tourist season.

Mr. President, it was good that you listened to the concerns raised by the tour operators and you acted very fast. Tourism is also contributing to the socioeconomic-development of the country. It provides employment for a good number of people in the country.

Mr. President, another very unacceptable situation in the country is the lack of water supply in some parts of the country, which needs serious attention, as water is very important to all living things.

Since France and Japan have provided funds for projects on Water supply for the country, there is need to start working now as many communities are really suffering with this lack of water supply and are crying for urgent action to be taken by the government.

Mr. President, the Transport Union with the authorities involved should intervene in the transport issue as things are getting out of hands. It is indeed necessary that your government addresses the transportation problem in The Gambia.

It is very difficult to have transport in the morning and evening and besides, since the increment of petrol, the drivers have started separating destinations and charging 3 times fare for one destination.

Mr. President, your government should waste no time in settling this transport problem because some workers are beginning to lose their jobs because they arrive late at work and others can’t afford paying 3 times the usual fare for a particular destination. This is an urgent issue that should be treated with urgency.

Your government should look into investing in the transport system and seek for assistance from other donors to help ease the transportation issue in the country.

Mr. President, all businessmen in the country should be paying their taxes regularly irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity and religion. The business law of the country should be respected and implemented as stated in the constitution without favouritism.

Finally, Mr. President, recently we have seen the National Drug Enforcement Agency making a great breakthrough in intercepting some cannabis and illicit drug from dealers who were transporting cannabis and other illicit drugs into different parts of the country.

We would like to commend the NDEA for a job well done and also appeal to the government and philanthropists to assist them with more vehicles, equipment and incentives to enable them do their work effectively.

Good day!