Monday, November 19, 2018

Mr. President, last week, disheartening news broke up in the country, which is a very new phenomenon in The Gambia especially in this newfound democratic Gambia.

For the past months, there have been series of problems ranging from land disputes, sand mining issues and border issues but the issue of caste fighting within one tribe is a new phenomenon which your government should stand firm to immediately stop.

Mr. President, the caste fighting that broke out within the Sarahulleh tribes of Garawol in URR should be addressed immediately to put an end to its interrelated problems in The Gambia. It should not be left untreated to prevent other tribes from doing the same in future.

Mr. President, recently the Food Safety and Quality Authority embarked on food and goods safety inspection exercise throughout the Greater Banjul Area, checking for expired goods in the country and the manner in which foods are being sold in the country.

This is a very good step which is geared towards the hygienic and safety of food and goods being sold to people which will in turn reduce the level of some diseases and infection affecting the populace.

Mr. President, efforts of the Foods Safety and Quality Authority in The Gambia should be accompanied by some developments by the Area, Municipal and City Councils in the country. They should make sure that rubbish is collected within the country by the cleansing services especially in the market areas where women sell food beside mountains of rubbish.  The market structures should be organised in a standard way to enable vendors to be well seated in a clean environment. 

The market women have been crying to the government to help them with space for selling their goods because they are paying their daily dues to the area councils and yet nothing has been done to assist them. The law on the sale of expired goods should also be put into full force, as there are lots of expired goods being sold in the country.

Finally, as we are anxiously awaiting the Faraba report which the Justice Minister promised would be shared and the recommendations observed, the Social Security and Housing Finance Cooperation’s report also seems to add more fuel to the fire than putting it off.  A company like SSHFC shouldn’t be in such state as they are having the state and peoples’ money.

This is a company that people should have respect and trust for. It should be a credible company but the recent saga is damaging the image of this institution. The workers there should also know that they are serving a whole nation that have trust in them and abide by the rules and regulations of the country.

People are fed-up with the SSHFC saga and a solution should be reached as soon as possible.

Good day!