Good Morning Mr President

Monday, October 29, 2018

Mr. President, as we are getting closer to the summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the 260 million US dollars donated by the OIC to the Gambia government is a big boost and a timely gesture.

As the Gambia November 2019 will be expecting to host about 57 heads of state, amongst them will be Kings and other very important dignitaries from around the world, having received this money now is very timely and work should begin in earnest to avoid last minutes pressure.

Mr. President, the construction and rehabilitation of roads in the country should be of priority and work should begin as soon as possible, considering the bad conditions of our roads. Hotels should also be constructed or rehabilitated to a modern standard with stable internet connections.

The current interruption of water supply and electricity in the country should also be considered and find solutions to this long time problem which past governments could not solve for the past 41 years. The energy crisis started on the 22nd November 1977,Tobaski day till now.

Mr. President, an Association of Newspaper Publishers has been formed by Newspaper publishers in The Gambia who wish to be working together to help each other for the progress of the print media in the country.

They hoped to work hand-in-glove with your government in finding an everlasting solution to these Draconian media laws and tax on printing materials and payment of debts by government offices which still remain a challenge to this noble profession. It’s time that your government establishes more collaboration with the media and be giving them subventions as other African countries are doing.

Mr. President, transportation still remains a nightmare for workers and students especially during the morning and evening time after work. Workers and students find it very difficult to reach their destinations due to the poor transport system which the authorities responsible are yet to address despite several cries from the population.

Your government should invest in getting more buses for the Gambia Transport Service Company (GTSC) to help reduce the current transport challenges in the country.

Finally Mr. President, where are the over 20 buses your government received from the Turkish government, which were reported to be used for public transportation?

This is the right time to deploy these buses into the transport system to help ease the transport problem faced by workers and students in the country once and for all.

Good day!