Monday, October 15, 2018

Mr. President, welcome to yet another Good Morning where we usually bring up burning issues and suggestions we thought can help build the New Gambia we all looking forward to.

Mr. President, this past week, the Attorney General and minister of Justice, Abubacarr M. Tambadou told the press that your Government is not yet ready to try detained jungulars as “such kinds of cases are not very straight forward, they are very complex and very demanding and they require lots of things. I don’t think this country is yet ready to hold trials like this. I don’t think we are yet ready to do so for many reasons.”

Mr. President, the Truth Reconciliations and Reparations Commission (TRRC) has announced that it will start its sittings by 15 October 2018, which everyone is anticipating and hoping to hear the evidence that victims have to give.

 Knowing that most of the victims were tortured, brutalised and killed by these jungulars, where does your Government stands now? How does your Government intend to try these jungulars?  How long will your Government detain them without trial which is even against the laws of The Gambia, which states that nobody should be detained for 72 hours without trial? Now that your Government cannot hold trial for jungulars, what is your Government going to do with those captured and are under detention?

Mr. President, your Government should start negotiating and seeking for assistance from experienced organisations so that upon the completion of the TRRC sittings and evidence have been gathered, trial can begin without wasting time.

Having set up a lot of commissions to investigate on various issues affecting the country, your Judiciary should also be well-equipped to able to try once reports of findings are compiled and submitted.

Mr. President, we all know the importance of water and electricity in life. Your Government should tackle this long running shortage of water and electricity in the country. As the 2018/19 tourists season has just began and one year ahead of the much anticipated OIC Summit to be held in The Gambia next year, your Government should give priority and support the country’s water and electricity giant to be able to deliver as expected across the country.

Your Government should also continue to appeal to donor countries especially our Arab friends, EU and World Bank to solve this water and electricity problem forever. Giving the rise in temperatures in the country at the moment, there is need for sufficient and effective supply of water and electricity to meet the challenges faced by households.

We called on NAWEC to quickly find a lasting solution to these problems as people cannot continue depending on buying water or queuing for long hours to access water.

Mr. President, it was very important that the Office of the Ombudsman gave its stake on the rise in the level of sit-down strikes by public officers in the country. The Office of the Ombudsman made it very clear that this approach is at complete variance with the laid-down procedures and violates the terms and conditions of appointment of public officers.

It is important that your government address this salary increment issue once and for all. Workers should know that government has an annual budget and salaries should only be increased at the beginning of the year and it should be across board and not sectorial.

Finally Mr. President, the prison reforms should be faster as the state of Mile 2 is disheartening and not acceptable under the human rights conditions for prisoners.

When you came into power, prison reform was one of your priotised problems to be looked into, so we are urging your Government to act on this issue as fast as possible.

Good day!