Monday, October 08, 2018

Mr. President, it’s alleged that some UDP lawmakers at the National Assembly and some party members are allegedly receiving allowances of D10, 000 per month ahead of the party’s congress in December 2018. It is also alleged that currently, there is a delegation that is touring the country to lobby the support of some UDP bigwigs specially chairmen and chairwomen in order for you to be the party’s next flag bearer.

 Sanna Jawara, the National Assembly member for Fulladou West through his Facebook account has condemned the act of paying those kinds of allowances without justification.

 Mr. President you should clear the air before it is too late. You have been elected with the trust to eliminate corruption, favouritism, nepotism and safeguard the state’s cover. If the allegation is true, where is the money coming from and on what ground? You have priorities to tackle bad roads,electricity and water,health and Education to name few.

Do you want people call

you twin of Yahya Jammeh with the way things are going.

 Mr. President, what about the mysterious transfer of 36 million dalasi to the First Lady’s Foundation. The money was believed to be withdrawn the same day, December 18, 2017. Could you simply explain that to the Gambian people?

 Mr. President to be re-elected in office, you must convince people with genuine reasons. There are lots of dissatisfactions in the country; the low payment of government workers and hiking prices of basic commodities as a result of high rate of foreign exchange. Gambians are advocating for good governance; transparency; rule of law; war against corruption and protection of government resources.Government tenders are ambigous.

Good day!