Monday, September 24, 2018

We would like to wish the entire Muslim Umah in The Gambia a happy New Year in the Muslim Calendar. We pray that God will continue to guide and protect us towards achieving the goals set to build a better Gambia.

Mr. President, we would like to commend The Gambia Revenue Authority for its vibrant method of tax collection as stated in the state opening of the legislative year. According to records, you stated that for the first GRA has collected over 800 million dalasis in a single month; January 2018. If this trend continues then the staffs should be given incentives as encouragement for the good work.

In the same vein, to encourage more business ventures in the country, Government should review the taxes paid by small entrepreneurs and newspaper businesses, which is discouraging small business men to venture into businesses in the county.

Mr. President, the re-export trade should be properly managed to avoid revenue slippages. Government should revisit the idea of transit goods as some businessmen are misusing it and instead of selling the goods outside, they are selling them in the country which is against the law. The security and GRA officials responsible should be vigilant and monitor those involve in this type of business.

Mr. President, the issue of huge amount of funds spent on travelling allowances or per diems by government officials is making the news headlines and needs to be cleared. Your government claimed to inherit an empty coffered economy, then spending this much amount in travelling by your government officials will raise many questions as to where all this money is coming from. The number of officials in your delegation when travelling should also be reduced as the country has so many priorities than spending huge amounts of money on travelling.

 When travelling, travel with officials that can play a part in that trip and later come back to contribute to the country than taking officials for tourism and sight-seeing.

Mr. President, there is a need for your government to address the debt portfolio of the country as our debt rate is going high despite the serious depreciation of the dalasi and this in turn can cause inflation. The Central Bank of the Gambia should advise the government on the seriousness of heavy debt burden.

Mr. President, the National Environmental Agency should regulate the high level of pollution in the country caused by either factories or industries or by cars and trucks as these hazardous chemicals release in air can cause disease through inhaling them. Urgent attention should be taken to tackle this high rate of air and land pollution in the country.

Finally Mr. President, there is a serious shortage of Water supply throughout the Greater Banjul Areas for the past weeks which needs serious solution as water is very important in the daily living of people. NAWEC should come out and explain to the public whatever is going on and the causes of this menace.

Mr. President, is D450 affordable by every Gambian to get a National Identity Card?

Good Day!