Monday, August 27, 2018

Mr. President, the issue of mistakes in communications in your government is still a problem and is repeating which is not good for your government.

We had once advised that proper consultation be made by your Government, the Director of Press, the Government Spokesperson and the Minister of Information before any publication or press release is issued by your government. They should be able to discuss and share ideas on any press release before dispatching it to the media.

Any issue dealing with the state should be studied carefully before going to the press.

Mr. President, it’s time that your government starts clearing issues of Philanthropists and Anonymous donors that are not meant to be disclosed.  If somebody wants to donate to the Gambian people and remain anonymous that’s okay, but you must be ready to clear peoples’ doubts when they raise question (s) about issues.

Since you came into office, this is the second time that we have heard about anonymous donors or philanthropists. The first was the case of the 58 vehicles for the National Assembly Members, in which PDOIS rejected their share. Now comes the case of the 11,250,000 dalaisi (eleven million, two hundred and fifty thousand dalasis) given to the pilgrims in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, by a Saudi Philanthropist.

Mr. President, another heated topic in town is the issue of the FABB Foundation (Fatou Bah Barrow Foundation) with an allegation of secret transfer of D36,123,000 equivalent to $752,544.42 from a Hong Kong Bank, which the foundation’s board of directors are claiming to have no knowledge about the source of the bank transfer.

It is a good move by the board of directors of the foundation to set up a task force to investigate this transfer from the unknown bank or the source of the bank transfer, but it will be appropriate for the task force to come out and clear the air after their findings to the general public.

Mr. President, please note that you are leading a country of about 1.9 million inhabitants and you are accountable to each and every one of them. People have the right to ask about how certain monies of such magnitudes are gained, how they came about and how they are spent, so people can’t keep quiet over all these.

Saying this today, and something else tomorrow can be contradicting and unprofessional to say the least.

Mr. President, if your monthly salary is truly D200, 000, then you should be mindful on matters of finance and try to avoid repeating the same mistakes Jammeh did by looting government coffers.

Jammeh who ruled the country for 22 years never revealed his sources of money but was always on the defensive side and kept saying that he gets his money from Allah’s World Bank. This he claimed was the source of funding for his 111 properties, four aircrafts, 86 bank accounts and several luxury cars whilst his earning was only D170, 000 per month.

You, including your family, and government officials should always be transparent and accountable in this new Gambia. You shouldn’t give money out without any genuine reason and any government, NGOs or philanthropists who donate to the country should be mentioned in a press release and their donations to the nation.

Mr. President, we don’t expect and are not thinking that you are also a client/customer of ‘Allah’s World Bank.’

The country has other priorities that you should focus on and seek support from the international community to help meet our major challenges such as water supply, electricity, education, health, infrastructure, agriculture etc. Will the international community take us serious if we continue this way by shrouding all our dealings in secrecy?

Finally Mr.  President, with this new Gambia, you must be careful on how you talk, how you behave and how you act because people are monitoring you on a daily basis.

There is a saying that: “The only people you need in life are the ones that find time for you.” and “Do not make someone a priority if he or she only considers you as an option.” 

Good day!