Monday, July 30, 2018

Mr. president, as you have completed your 10 days nationwide meet the people tour, we hope that it was very successful and that most of the problems tendered to you by the Gambian people from the various parts of the country will be looked into.

Now that you have known the problems of the Gambian people, its time for you to start work ASAP. It’s time to start implementing all those proposed projects that you have in your development blueprint plan.

Mr. President, it is not right as a president to have a youth movement name after you because of your status as the head of state and for your own interest and your future political career, its better you dissolve Barrow youth movement.

According to the constitution of The Gambia, a president is elected by Gambians for a term of five years and every Gambian has the right to form a political party.

Mr. President, it is your constitutional right to form your own political party if you wish, which can have a youth wing. This youth wing can organize Gala nights and cultural activities to raise funds and have their development plans and activities as the first ruling  party PPP used to do .

BUT Mr. President, this youth wing cannot and should not be using the name of the president to solicit money or meddling into the development projects of the state that are being funded by the government, private sectors or fund aiding countries.

It is also contrary to the ethics of the constitution of The Gambia, which requires avoiding conflict of interest and governance of the country. If you want to form a political party with a youth wing they should operate within your party’s manifesto.

Presidents can also have their wives create foundations to contribute in the socio-economic of their countries and help the needy as many African member countries are doing.

Mr. president, always remember some of the UDP members who fought for the electoral reform, and democracy in the country as some were jailed, some have died, whilst others need medical attention. The state should look after them and their families.

Mr. President, rainy seasons are mostly characterised with heavy winds and flooding and with the bad state of most of our roads, movement is always a problem.

Your government needs to set up a committee to study and map out the challenges that come with flooding so as for the country to develop a long term permanent solution to the havoc that the flood brings.

Finally, Mr. president always be careful of sycophants as The Gambia is a secular state and there is separation of power between politics and religions. Always refrain yourself from making public announcements that can danger the fragile peace we are enjoying as one in The Gambia. We again advice your government to have consistencies in the announcements and messages released to the general public. All messages should be very clear, straight forward and direct to the point

Mr. president you should have advisers who have vast experiences in different domains and can guide you to achieve the common good for all Gambians.

Good day!