Monday, July 23, 2018

Mr. President, as you are still continuing your 10 days nationwide meet the Peoples’ many issues are being promised by your government to the people which you intend working on as part of your development blueprint for the country.

Mr. President, during your day one meeting at Essau, NBR, you revealed your government’s plan of constructing a bridge that will connect Banjul-Barra crossing point. Although the construction of the Banjul-Barra bridge can be seen as a permanent solution to the struggling state of the Banjul-Barra ferry services, a lot of debates and issues have also been arose by the population which needs consideration.

Mr. President, whilst some are putting into consideration the economical side of building the bridge, some are thinking of the safety aspect. However, some thought that there are more priorities that the country is in dire need of than the bridge, which will cost lot of money to the state.

Safety shouldn’t be compromised also in constructing this bridge. The company to be awarded this contract should be very reliable. Private partnerships can also be invited to design, construct and maintain in the usual build, operate and transfer the bridge back to the state as operated in some countries.

Mr. President, your statement about the media not to be silenced anymore and to abolish all draconian media laws was welcomed by all the media houses and journalists in the Gambia. The 4th estate is keenly waiting to see all these draconian media laws abolished which will help your government fulfill its promise to promote freedom of the press in the country.

The media also appeals to your government to help media owners to be paid in time especially public institutions for their advertisements, as it takes a very long time for most public advertisers to pay their bills and this hampers our production, delays payment of salaries of our staffs.

Finally Mr. President, the leaked audio of Ex-president Jammeh and some bigwigs of APRC is a blessing to the country. After listening to the audio carefully, we have learned a lot of things and drawn conclusions.

Jammeh said everything “I promised to Gambians will happen. I am working on something and by the grace of Allah it will be good.”

Reading between the lines, we can say that he still has political ambition, which might disrupt the peace and stability of the country.

After killing, jailing, torturing and incarcerating people, Jammeh can’t be allowed to come back to the country without being tried as there are over 1000 victims registered with the TRRC waiting for sittings to start to give more evidence against Jammeh.

The security should be on the alert and be monitoring him and some of the APRC bigwigs both day and night. The international community should also help for his extradition to be charged on murder, economic crimes, abuse of office etc. as he has already broken the asylum rules by discussing local politics on social media and should be expelled from Equatorial Guinea.

Keep the telescope on him!

Good day!