Monday, July 16, 2018

Mr. President, as you embark on a 10 day nationwide meet the Peoples’ Tour, which is the second time since you took office. It is very important that you try and meet with farmers especially at this time that the rainy season has just begun to discuss with them your government’s plan to assist them with fertilizers, tractors and issues of farmers not paid on time which they need very much. Rural electrification and construction of more major roads in the rural areas should be part of your visit’s agenda.

You should also endeavour to meet with the youths to continue preaching peace and also tell them your plans to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country especially amongst the youths.

Mr. President, the market women and vendors are crying for help and the need for government to intervene on the state of the major markets in the country.

As the rainy season has just begun, most of the major markets, roads and streets in the country are in very bad state and it’s advisable that you visit some of these major markets like Serekunda Market, Brikama Market, Latrikunda Market etc. during your nationwide tour to see their conditions.

Mr. President, it timely that the area councils are audited to see the revenues they collect and how they are used because almost of all of the council areas are in very bad shape. While the market women and vendors are claiming to be paying their daily dues little or no developments are being done in the markets.

The area councils should do their part as there are lots of cabbages in the streets and stagnant waters as most of the gutters and sewages are blocked and this can serve as breeding places for mosquitoes and increase the malaria prevalence in the country.

Mr. President, this is the time for your government to explain and even start using the money pledged by EU and other donors for your priority plans to intervene in these areas that really need intervention.

Mr. President, your meeting with the police commanders was a very good move especially at this time that the security of the country is very slack. It was important that you yourself hear from them; what their immediate priorities were and the areas where your government should immediately intervene.

Transport facilities, equipment and incentives should be enhanced to better help them do their work perfectly. The Police and immigration should also be assisted with the equipment and facilities needed for them to be able to provide driving licenses, number plates and national ID cards on time.

Mr. President, there is need for your government to set up a committee to look into the allegations made by Alajie Mamadi Kurang, ex-secretary of the Janneh commission against the legal counsel of the commission, Amie Bensouda, since no one is above the law and your governance is set at promoting transparency and good governance at its highest point.

It will be appropriate to look into the allegations surrounding the standoff at the commission to better clarify issues in order to strengthen the democratic process that your government is promoting and to increase confidence in your government. This will also give credibility to the Janneh Commission.

Finally Mr. President, it is advisable that your government put in necessary measures for the Ombudsman to be able to pursue public and private complains. This should be reflected in the future constitution.

The Ombudsman should use the powers vested on its office to be an investigator in matters emerging from the public and private sector. The Ombudsman should be allowed to thoroughly examine such matters in the interest of the country as people have the right to petition and the authorities should always hear the petitioner and the accused before taking prompt decision of punishing or dismissing anyone.

We wish you a very successful tour.

Good day!