Monday, July 09, 2018

Mr. President, we continue to call for national reconciliation in this New Gambia, and in the interest of the nation, you will always have the prerogative to appoint any Gambian who has integrity.

It will also be wise that before appointing ministers and ambassadors, you check on their criminal records.  People who have been convicted cannot be appointed as minister (s) or ambassador (s). To be clear, being a witness to the Janneh Commission of Inquiry doesn’t also mean that, that person has committed a crime.  Any Gambian who has experience and has never committed any crime can contribute to national development.

VPs, ex-ministers and top officials should always hand over to their successors before leaving the country.

Mr. President, we welcome AU members to tackle corruption. We propose that all projects be tendered and monitored by the anti-corruption commission before being implemented and top posts for jobs are advertised before giving them out.

All government officials should also declare their assets on a yearly basis to help curb corruption and abuse of office in your government.

Mr. President, since our last week’s edition, we have been asking your government to intervene in the on-going problem of the staff of Social Security and the Managing Director. It has been brought to our notice that the staff have been on a sit-down strike since last Wednesday.

Action should be taken to solve the problem once and for all as it’s not in the interest of the nation; for staff of company like SSHFC to go on sit-down strike.

We still are calling on you to set up a committee to look into what is really the problem in that very important institution.

Finally Mr. President, the swearing in of the members of Commission of Inquiry into the Faraba incident is very timely as everyone is keenly waiting for justice to be served.

We hope that members of the commission will be independent and do their job without interference and that whatever the commission recommends in one month’s time should be acted on immediately.

In the same vein, we are appealing to all Gambians especially the youth to exercise patience, and not to take the law into their own hands but to allow the authorities to govern this country through its laws, rules and regulations as stated in the Constitution of The Gambia.

The youth should not use the social media to castigate people or creating fake news which can bring problems or jeopardise the peace of the country.

Good Day!