Monday, July 02, 2018

Mr. President, last Friday, you reshuffled your Cabinet through powers vested on you by the Gambian Constitution, by relieving some ministers and deploying some to other ministerial posts.

We believed that it’s through proper consultations and selections was done before giving out those positions as we don’t want to go back to the Jammeh phenomenon of sacking and redeploying with his electric broom anytime he wishes.

Mr. President as we welcome the new vice president and ministers to their offices, we would like to remind you of the need for gender balance in your government, as you now have only 2 female ministers in your Cabinet.

Women are playing a key role in the nation building of our country and most especially in the political arena. We advise that you give the Women Affairs Ministry to a woman to handle.

Mr. President, as the new vice president and ministers take up their offices, we advise that they deliver with honest and up to expectation. They should never allow tribalism, religion, ethnicity, individual interest or conflict of interest to divert the national interest, which is to develop our country, The Gambia.

Mr. President, environmental problems, lands and border issues still remain as challenges to your office and they need to be tackled before it’s too late.

Management issues in offices like Social Security and Housing Cooperation should be investigated and action taken as quickly as possible. For work to be effective in any place, area or office, there should be cooperation, dialogue and agreement between the management and staffs.

The strike of the bakers shouldn’t also be taken lightly as almost 80% of population in the urban centre eats bread on a daily basis and a D1.00 reduction shouldn’t lead to this entire problem. The bakers should also be reminded of the tax reduction by the government on the importation of flour and rice into the country which came into effect since January 2018.

Mr. President, there is need that you set up a peace committee comprise of authorities, religious leaders, alkalolu, elders and youths to be going to villages, retailers, vendors, sellers and buyers to preach peace and cooperation amongst Gambians for the interest of the country.

Finally Mr. President, there is need for cooperation and consultations in your government to avoid miscommunication amongst your communication personnel especially on appointments. This issue of one saying ‘am not aware’ and the other saying ‘am aware’ shouldn’t be in your press office. We expect any information or press release coming from your office to be very clear, authentic and not full of misinformation to be changed again within 24 hours.

Information coming from your government should also be timely and accurate to avoid speculations from the general public.

We wish you success in the African Union Summit.

Good day!