Monday, June 04, 2018

Mr. President, government should explain more about the EU and partners pledge of 1.45 Billion Euros to be implemented within four years. People need to be sensiitised in our local languages to explain that the pledge will go to specific programmes and government is yet to receive the cash amount.

Mr. President, in a very serious note, the Ministry of Fisheries and the Navy should work hand-in-glove to combat illegal fishing and massive dead fishes around the beaches in the coastal town of Gunjur and Sanyang as witnessed by our reporter who went to these areas.

Is this environmental pollutions caused by the Chinese fishmeal company? Investigation should be mounted to know the cause of death of fishes in Kombo South.

Any one planting factory in the country should meet the required regulations of the National Environment Agency. Operating against the environmental laws of the land if not their licenses should be revoked.  Anything causing health threats to the people of the country should be addressed immediately and the Navy should be empowered and strengthen surveillance in the sea to prevent illegal fishing with foreign vessels. Fishing contributes in foreign exchange earnings.

Mr. President, the central government should work closely with the municipalities and area councils to facilitate the implementation of their projects. For Banjul to improve, the drainage system must be improved and trucks cleared from the main streets and rehabilitate them.

For KMC, the Bakoteh dumpsite should be relocated to avoid hazardous smelling and smoke that could cause severe diseases. Markets should be expanded, feeder roads be improved and all mechanics should be moved from the main streets to be relocated at convenient places as in Birkama and up country. The population must also be provided with water and electricity and skills training centres.

Mechanism should be introduced to collect rates and trade licenses. Many yard owners in Banjul have died and BCC must collect the rates which is a problem. The Attorney General Chambers should assist them in that area to enable them to collect the rates.

Without the contribution of the citizenry to pay their dues, our cities and towns cannot be developed.

Finally Mr. President, to reduce the load of Treasury and make kick payments for suppliers and media owners, ministries should receive in time their monthly allocations, provided that they have sent their monthly budgets to Ministry of Finance. Every ministry or government department; their account sections should pay the supplier or media houses on spot to avoid delay and accumulation of payments which hinders the process.

Have a very good day, Your Excellency