Monday, December 04, 2017

Mr. President, as Muslims throughout the world celebrates Maulud-Nabi locally called “Gamo” to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad “SAWS”, we pray that Allah will answer all prayers and continue to guide and protect our beloved country, The Gambia.

Mr. President, as we marked one year since Gambians went to polls and decided to vote dictator Jammeh out, the time when Gambia had decided, we want to congratulate your government for the developments registered especially in the area of democracy and freedom of the press and freedom of expression but not withstanding there are more gaps that need to be filled.

Mr. President, the advent of a new private television station is a very welcomed move by your government. It is good to have competition that will be in the interest of the nation. We also commend the CEO of QTV Muhammed Jah, management and staff and welcomed them to the media fraternity. We hope that they will work hand in glove with the state TV, GRTS to satisfy the nation.

Mr. President, it’s gratifying to note that your government is considering the welfare of the civil servant. It was received with hope when the Information and Communication minister, Mr. Demba A. Jawo, in his press conference last, said that government was considering a possible increment in salaries in 2018. Civil servants form 40,000 of the population need to be motivated so that they can delivery efficiently. Salaries of civil servants for the past years were very low and thus have affected the production of some workers and other leaving for greener pastures.

Mr. President, the issue of transportation in the country still remains a night mare especially for workers and students plying the Brikama – Banjul highway. Passengers, every morning ply the highway waiting for transport till 9am just for drivers to be charging twice or three times the fare before reaching their destination.

The Transport ministry should engage the transport union and the police to see an ending solution to this problem which is affecting the populace at large.

Mr. President, the security situation should be beefed up with transport (bicycles, motorbikes) mobile phones and other incentives to eradicate cases like murder, theft, rape and other criminal cases. It is also paramount to have the security on alert especially at night to track down these criminals.

Good Day