‘Good governance and ethics is a burning issue in Gambia’

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The director and principal consultant of Crown Managed Services Ltd. has underscored that public governance and professional work ethics are a burning issue and a concern to all good  citizens of this country.

Isatou Aisha Saidy was speaking on Monday during the start of a five-day capacity building on public governance and professional work ethics, designed for senior and middle level public service officers, tax collectors and law enforcement officers, among others.

Organised by Crown Managed Services ltd., the training which is currently underway at Bijilo, seeks create a new generation of professionals with competence and intellectual qualities.

Good public governance and ethics training, she went on, is a major concern for many developing countries, even international donors.

To this end, she affirmed that ethics is mandatory for every leader in ever institution.

According to her, as institutional leaders, they must take full responsibility and be held accountable.

“We must develop and implement policies that are transparent and that would promote integrity among our workforce. We must avoid situation when we take personal interest as a priority over national interest. We must avoid situation conflict of interest both at individual both at individual or institutional level as well are inclined to behave unethically in trying to protect our personal interest at the expense of national interest”.

She noted that ethics is all about what is morally right for a group of people and that this is usually based on the law, religious beliefs and the greater good principle.

She continued: “Ethics, if further shaped by the norms, beliefs and practice of that society. Note, however, that what is accepted by one society may be seen completely unethically by another society or culture, hence the divergent views of ethics”.

Madam Saidy maintained that the more senior public officials are expose to ethical training, drafting and implementing ethical policies, the more management and staff are aware about ethical issues, and the easier they find ways of implementing appropriate ethical standards.

However, this she added, can only be effective if the senior management is committed to participating through modeling behaviours. 

Author: Sheriff Janko
Source: Picture: Isatou Aisha Saidy