GMP wants government to support Gambian films

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Director and Producer of Gamstars Movie Production –GMP- has called on President Adama Barrow’s administration to directly support Gambian film makers, saying their role in the film industry can significantly contribute to the country’s economic development.

Pa Modou Cham, who is also a journalist reporting for The Point Newspaper told the daily newspaper’s Cherno Omar Bobb at GMP main office at Latrikunda Sabiji that Gambian film makers are facing serious obstacles ranging from poor marketing to followers and television broadcasting. “Many Gambians do not know that there are talented young people here who are contributing in film making advancement. This can only improve if the government stops foreign and local film paresis in the market,” he said. 

He said Gambia Stars Movie Production is a Gambian entertainment and educational group aimed at promoting and encouraging cultural values, fostering community spirit through creativity and bringing young people together to showcase their talent. “Gamstars is a film production established in 2012 to provide and equip Gambian youth with necessary life and emotional skills to grow and transform them into future actors.”

Mr. Cham reiterated that GMP is to build confidence and empower young talents and creative Gambians with constructive, critical competencies, innovative life skills and knowledge for accelerated economic and sustainable development through filmmaking. “We provide pathway that inspires and motivates Gambian youths to grow, transform and achieve their potential in making films for the development of the productive sector of our economy. To install and empower Gambian values and principles to youths through life and emotional skills development in communication techniques, critical thinking and problem-solving and interpersonal and self-directional skills for the community, developing acting skills to become citizens of a new world order, to foster relationship with new and existing stakeholders towards a common agenda, supporting talents that are led and owned by Gambians and strengthening capacity of personal and professional development.”

Cham therefore urges the Government, private sectors, companies and individuals to help Gambian filmmakers in order for them to achieve their dreams in reaching the standard of the world best films.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb
Source: Picture: Pa Modou Cham Director GMP