Girl repeatedly stabbed again by the same accused

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sohna Bah, a native of Kiang Sibito village, has been hospitalised after she was stabbed with a knife multiple times, for the second time, allegedly by one young man from Jarra Misira village.

Both the victim and accused live in Sanchaba Sulay Jobe, where the incident occurred on 27 September.

Sohna’s family members said she is in a critical condition, due to injuries inflicted on her chest, stomach and leg.

They said the knife attack on 27 September was the second time that Sohna has been attacked by the young man. The first one was in June when the same accused person stabbed the young woman on her head. He was arrested by the police, but later bailed after which he fled the country.

Shortly after his return, he launched a second attack on the girl.

The family said they did not know the reason for the attack, but believed it could be due to their decision to marry off Sohna to a man other than the accused.

Meanwhile, the relatives of Sohna expressed dismay over the way and manner, in which their case is being handled by the police.

They said after the second attack, they were not aware of any arrest of the alleged attacker or his bail surety.

“We are disappointed that he was granted bail after committing such a crime and fled the country for months,” one of Sohna’s uncles said.

At the time of going to press, the police public relations officer, Foday Conta, said he was yet to receive information regarding the case.

He, however, promised to work with the victim’s family to ensure the exercise of justice.

Author: Ebrima Bah