GIEPA sensitises law-makers on its mandate and impact on Gambian economy

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Gambia Investment and Export Promotions Agency (GIEPA), over the weekend held a two-day training for National Assembly Members on its mandates and their impact on Gambia’s economy, at Senegambia beach hotel in Kololi.

GIEPA is the national agency responsible for promoting and facilitating investment, business and export development and support to MSMEs, regulation of designated export processing zones in The Gambia.

Chief executive officer Hassan Jallow told the parliamentarians that GIEPA’s mandate cannot be attained without a vibrant private sector and the inclusion of National Assembly Members, saying it is important to have people who are vast and experience enough to regulate the investment sector and government decisions on investment and export.

He said Africa has the biggest resources and minerals but lacks the machines and technical knowhow to properly process its resources. “Gambia is a small country and the resources are limited. Smart decisions should be taken to protect the resources for economic growth of the country.”

Mr. Jallow said adequate human resources and financial resources amongst others should be provided to better facilitate the work of the agency in order to attain GIEPA’s mandate.

He said GIEPA promotes the development of micro, small and medium enterprises and formulates and implement investment, export and enterprise development guidance and investment promotion strategies amongst others.

Majority leader of the National Assembly Kebba K Barrow said Gambia has a slow economy and that has an effect on the living standard of the people, causing high unemployment. “In order to facilitate a sustainable and an all-inclusive economic development, there is serious need to support private sector development to complement government efforts.”

 He said when the right policies and structures are developed, investment will boost and there will be smooth business environment and access to market. “Everyone has a stake in Gambia’s development process and GIEPA, being instrumental in connecting, the different parts must be supported to achieve the country’s development aspirations,” he emphasised.

Director of export department Lamin Gaye said the Agency built export-base of the domestic economy for greater export performance and competitiveness. He said it also raises awareness on market and business opportunities for potential and existing exports.

He said they deliver their mandates by conducting trainings on export development for export performance and by facilitating and supporting private sector participation in trade event development.

Author: Fatou Bojang