GID decorates promoted officers

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Gambia Immigration Department (GID) Friday decorated the newly-promoted officers of The Gambia Immigration Department, at a ceremony held at the Immigration Headquarters’ in Banjul.

The decoration ceremony consisted of the promotion of 10 officers to ASI, 05 officers to deputy superintendent, 09 officers to superintendent, 08 officers to chief superintendent, 06 officers to assistant commissioner, 09 officers to deputy commissioner and 03 officers to commissioner of immigration.

Buba Sagnia, Director General of the Gambia Immigration Department, said that the promotion was timely in GID’s commitment to fulfill the security service reforms objective under the new government of The Gambia as well as adjustments to the change of governance and administration.

To the newly-promoted officers, the Director General commended them for their well-deserved promotions and advised them to act professionally in strengthening GID’s professional capacity in the realisation of their collective national security.

He assured them that many of such occasions shall come in the soonest possible time and encouraged them to continue giving their very best and invaluable effort and they shall be rewarded and elevated in due time.

He also assured the general public of the GID’s commitment to providing reliable, quality and competent services for creating a better, safe and tolerant Gambian society that would allow the peaceful coexistence of the citizens and non-citizens alike with great regard for their human rights.

Commissioner Ousman Lowe, who gave a vote of thanks on behalf of his fellow newly-promoted officers, tasked his fellow promoted officers that they are not only expected to do great work but to inspire others as well.

He added that one of their most fundamental duties as leaders was to unleash the potential in their workforce.

Author: Fatou B. Cham