GIA MD: Cargoes leaving the country are safe onboard

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Gambia International Airlines - GIA Managing director says in aviation industry, safety and security are closely watched and monitored, affirming that with the new cargo complex inaugurated at the Banjul international airport, they will ensure that cargoes leaving the country are safe onboard.

Lamin Cham said they bought a scanning machine from the project for rapid scan, which is the second of its kind in the sub-region at the time of installation.

Speaking at the inauguration of a multi-million dollar cargo complex to be operated by The Gambia International Airlines at the Banjul International airport, Mr. Cham said in addition to the scanner, 10 security cameras are also installed in the complex four of which are rotational at a razor point of 360 degrees while the remaining are immobile.

He said the complex occupies an area of 840 square meters and has the capacity to handle 60 tonnes of shipment with storage facilities to store perishable items waiting to be airlifted. It also provides office space for staff of GCAA, GIA and GRA.

According to Mr. Cham, capacity building is another component of the project, pointing out that a good number of GCAA and GIA staff were trained to acquire skills needed to fully operate the facility.

He hailed the establishment of the cargo complex, saying stakeholders in the horticultural sector would now have the opportunity to export their produce to international markets. “From today, people working in the horticultural and fishery sub-sectors would have the chance to export their produce to international markets like EU and US. Our charges for the use of these facilities would undoubtedly encourage exporters to increase their level of production and export them to the outside markets profitably”

Author: Sheriff Janko
Source: Picture: Lamin Cham GIA - Managing director