GHM-UK donates medical items to EFSTH

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Gambia Healthcare Matters, a UK-based charity recently extended its benevolence to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul, with the presentation of medical items worth over three-thousand, three-hundred and twenty-three Euros.

The donated items include a desktop computer, 2 television screens, towels, mini clinical sharp bins, diabetes diaries, BM strips, disposal surgical gowns, 1000 boxes of nitrile examination gloves, box of sterile field dressing packs and many others. The gesture is part of the charity’s unrelenting love and passion to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of the country’s healthcare system.

At the handing over ceremony, Dr. Kebba Marenah, consultant orthopedic surgeon and member of the organization, reminded the gathering that as citizens of The Gambia it is incumbent upon them to do their bit towards the advancement of the country’s health system.

“The Smiling Coast of Africa is a country with lovely beaches and a Mecca for holidaymakers. However, our healthcare system leaves much to be desired” he lamented.

Dr. Marenah noted that people who cannot afford a fee for their treatment in hospital die every day from communicable and non-communicable diseases or wounds which could have been easily treated.

However, at GHM-UK we are not pointing out fingers to blames, instead we want to help and we understand that after 22 years of healthcare neglect, it might be a daunting task for this government alone to help the healthcare system recuperate” he concluded.

Modoulamin Jammeh, the public relations officer of the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital on behalf of the hospital management, thanked UK charity for their foresight, describing the gesture as worthy and timely.

“If such organizations are lending a helping hand then the issue of healthcare won’t be a problem in the country”.

Also speaking, Adama Njie, Nurse-In-charge of orthopedic ward at EFSTH said that being sick doesn’t mean that you should be in one place. She acknowledged that with the help of the wheelchairs, the patients at the hospital would now be able to step outside their wards.

“The television screens would also help the patients forget their worries as they will be watching the activities that are taking place in the country and outside the country. Therefore, these donated items would be of immense benefit to patients” she added.

Author: Fatou B. Cham