GHDT observes World Animal Day

Monday, October 15, 2018

(Friday 12th October, 2018 Issue)

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust (GHDT), an animal welfare advocates aimed at creating awareness on animal welfare recently observed World Animal Day at their headquarters in Makasutu, Kembujeh.

Heather Armstrong, GHDT director said animals are important in community as they provide food to people, saying the least those people could give to them is to respect them.

“In The Gambia, people speak different languages but no one tries to understand the language of the animals.”

According to her, people need to understand the animals and observe them because whatever attitude the animal portrays implies that they are trying to say something.

Director General of Department of Livestock Services explained that animal health has been good because he has been observing many changes from farmers and animal owners. He said animals should be respected and catered for people to get food and meat to eat.

According to him, there is a disease called foot and mouth disease with unusual symptoms that has been killing small cattle. He said the disease limits cattle milk production for up to 2 years, saying if cattle did not produce milk will be a great loss to farmers and the country would be losing money.

Dr Kebba Daffeh,  said the tools to take care of animals is lacking, saying over working the animals can kill them and people should always treat them in a good way.

Author: Awa Ndiaye