GFF’s director of Communications clarifies $6M investment

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Following a story published in The Point Newspaper edition of Wednesday 9 January 2019, headlined: FIFA to invest $6M in Gambian football,the author published that the said money is meant for the year 2019 alone and further said FIFA President Gianni Infantino made the pledge during his meeting with President Adama Barrow on Monday.

In light of the above, The Gambia Football Federation wishes to stress that the story authored by Mr. Arfang M.S. Camara is very misleading and can create a wrong impression of The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) in the eyes of its stakeholders and the general public if not clarified.

“It is true that during his meeting with President Barrow, Gianni said US$6Million will be invested in Gambian football by FIFA but this is meant for a cycle of four years as part of Mr. Infantino’s flagship Forward 2.0 Programme and this amount is the same that the world governing body would give to each of its 211 Member Associations under the programme during the same cycle. The monies are meant for technical, administrative and project support amongst others,” Mr. Baboucarr Camara the director of Communications of the GFF stressed.

“The Contract of Agreed Objectives signed between the GFF and FIFA remains the focal point in the efficient implementation of this programme. However, these resources are not accessed automatically because there are stringent conditions attached to it. These include proof of nationwide regular competitions played over a period of six months for both men and women categories, the involvement of our national teams in a minimum of four matches in all categories, boys & girls competitions in at least two age categories each, amongst series of other conditions which can all be accessed on the FIFA website.”

The Forward Programme, the GFF would like to further clarify, is aimed at improving the way FIFA develops and supports football across the globe, so that the sport can reach its potential in every nation and so that everyone that wants to take part can do so without barriers. The programme provides the resources and structure to deliver a state-of-the-art development programme in ensuring more investment in development for Member Associations’ football activities; more impact via tailor-made plans to meet specific needs and more oversight so that all funds are used responsibly.