GFF decries National female U-17 team’s conditions in Bo

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Gambia Football Federation wishes to inform the public that it is aware of the inhumane conditions that the country’s National Female U-17 Team is currently facing in Sierra Leone.

The GFF wishes to state that it is monitoring the events closely and they are in constant contact with the officials.

In the light of this development, the GFF has immediately reacted to the scenes and a formal communication regarding this matter.

 The GFF has registered its displeasure and disappointment over the inhumane treatment meted out to the Gambia National Female U-17 Scorpions currently in Bo City, Sierra Leone for the 2018 FIFA Qualifiers for Uruguay against Sierra Leone.

The GFF has been in contact with the team since their arrival in Bo on Monday, October 9th when they were treated to substandard pitches to conduct their training sessions, in a bid to frustrate their preparations for the match.

In most instances, the fields allocated to the team are in bad shape and could barely train for an hour on dry and stony; or rocky pitches in Bo.

The GFF is in conformity with CAF, FIFA and general standard practices of football and will do its utmost to bring the situation under control, by engaging the relevant and competent authorities.

The public is assured that while the Sierra Leone FA and their Ministry of Youth and Sports work in tandem for a successful hosting in The Gambia, slated for Saturday in Bo City, all stakeholders are urged to remain calm, while the authorities continue to find a lasting solution to the situation. Source: GFF