German/Gambia women football reviewed

Monday, December 24, 2018

A daylong stakeholder consultative meeting to review and preview German and Gambia long term Women Football project has ended last Thursday at the Gambia Football Federation Secretariat in Kanifing.

The two year women football project is meant to transform women’s football as one of the second most popular sporting disciplines in The Gambia.

Under the auspices of the project Director Monica Staab, the consultative meeting enabled stakeholders to review the first two months of the project since its inception in October.

GFF General Secretary Lamin M. Jassey thanked the stakeholders for their cooperation towards the realization of the project and congratulated Monica Staab for her willingness and steadfastness in leading what he described ‘very important Football project’.

 Mr. Jassey assured the stakeholder of GFF’s strive to working with them anytime the need arises.

For his part, GFF President Lamin Kaba Bajo said the project is part of GFF’S aims to develop and promote Women Football in the country. “We are very much encouraged as a Federation to give you all the support hence the presence of Monica and the team.”

Mr. Bajo said Women Football under his leadership will continue to receive all the necessary support.

A champion of Women Football himself, Mr. Bajo assured the project director and the team of his Federation’s straight support to make the project a success. He called on the stakeholders to join forces and support the cause.

GNOC vice president and IOC member Beatrice Allen said the project is an intensified and cohesive development for The Gambia. “As an IOC member, I have a vision for The Gambia and this is one of them.”

She briefly reminded the stakeholders about the project initiative hence her personal interaction with the relevant authorities at the International Olympic Committee and championing for such development programs for The Gambia.

Madam Allen observed that Gambian Sports should now be growing from strength to higher levels as compared to others but was quick to note that as stakeholders, they need to build the esteem of their players in football’

She said hence football is an expensive game, all stakeholders must come together to strive well in order to realise the dreams of the project.

Stakeholders agreed at the end of the meeting that such synergy should be organized again at every three months of the two year period for the project.