German couple extends humanitarian assistance to Pirang Orphans, School

Thursday, April 26, 2018

German couple name Joseph and Claudia Reil Sunday gave humanitarian assistance of 53 bags of rice and other foodstuff to 120 Orphans in Pirang in Kombo East and 160 textbooks and other educational materials to the community’s basic cycle school. The couples’ assistance was facilitated by Seedu Muktarr Gassama; the current Kaliph General of Pirang.

Kaliph General Gassama said at the presentation of the assistance at the community health facility that every human being must strive to make positive impact on the life of others, saying always begins at home. “This is the first initiative but we hope to extend it to other parts of the country.”

He appealed to the people of the community to unite and love one another in the interest of development. “The benefactors have been helping Orphans in many countries and also help schools and football clubs. It is only through unity that we can realise development.”

The village development committee secretary Lamin Bojang said this is a real humanitarian assistance that will bring smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries. 

Morro Bojang and Maline Touray, Alkalos of main Pirang and Pirang Berending thanked the donors for the assistance.

Claudia Reil, one of the donors said it is their hope that the assistance will be immensely useful to the beneficiaries, particularly the Orphans.

Pirang ward councilor Lamin Dibba said, “Our progress as people is unsealed without coming together and our contributions are significant in the development of our community.”

He thanked the donors for extending their assistance to the Pirang Orphans and school, saying the assistance is well appreciated and will make positive impact in the lives of the beneficiaries.