German couple donates food aide to Pirang women gardeners

Thursday, January 03, 2019

German couple with a charity called Joseph and Claudia real charity group on Sunday donated 100 bags of rice to Pirang women gardeners association in Kombo East. The donation was facilitated by Seedu Muktarr Gassama; the Kaliph General of Pirang who was adopted by the women as their father.

In April, last year, the couple provided humanitarian assistance of 53 bags of rice and other foodstuff to 120 Orphans in Pirang and 160 textbooks and other educational materials to the community’s basic cycle school.

Kaliph General Gassama said Pirang is blessed with everything so the community should not lack the strength to move forward. “We are hopeful that the donated rice will greatly help members of the Kafo and their families.”

He thanked the donors for the gesture and expressed hope that such humanitarian support would be a continuous thing.

Alkalo Morro Bojang said this is not the first time the Charity is extending support to Pirang, saying Kaliph General Gassama is a true Ambassador of Pirang.

President of the Women gardeners Isatou Bojang said, the Association has 280 members who are committed to agricultural development in the community. “We pray that the cordial relationship between Kaliph General Gassama and his partners continue to flourish,” she said.

She however observed that they are still facing several challenges that they would need support for, including fencing, water and fertilizer.

Village development committee chairman Baba K Bojang said the donors brought a very appreciative gesture and the people of Pirang are grateful for it while Ward Councilor Lamin Dibba appealed to young people to be active participants in development.

Speaking on behalf of the donors, Daniela Fünfstück said, they are grateful to the people of Pirang, telling them that their partner Seedu Muktarr Gassama has a good and clean heart for them and they must support him. “That is why our partnership with him is based on mutual understanding.”