General Saul Badgie, Sanna Manjang, others pose no threat -PS Interior

Thursday, February 01, 2018

The permanent secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, Bulli Dibba, has stated that General Saul Badgie, Sanna Manjang, an alleged ‘junguler’ and other wanted Jammeh loyalties pose no threat to our national security.

In an exclusive interview with The Point, Mr. Dibba said that these people will be the biggest fools to make any attempt to destabilise this country.

“Let me make it clear to you that I believe in Gambian people.There is no single Gambian that has not been affected one way or the other during the former regime,” he said. “Anybody who tries to interrupt the peace that Gambians are enjoying now, you will be surprised. I can tell you that Gambians will rise and protect themselves when the need arise. They can do whatever they want. But I can assure you that Gambians can go and sleep peacefully,” he noted.

When asked whether General Saul Badgie, who is reported to have left Equatorial Guinea and other Jammeh loyalties who are not in the country pose any security threat.

He said: “Gambian people should not be panic and nervous. Let them go by their daily business. We can assure that the country is peaceful and it will remain peaceful. We want the general public to understand that we are on top of issues. We have challenges but the country is safe,” Dibba added.

The return of two generals, Ansumana Tamba and Umpa Mendy, he said, is a general concern but is not a threat to national security.

“The government is concern and I think they are doing the right thing to address it. I want everybody to be calm and wait for the outcome of the investigation as a panel have already set-up to look into the issues,” he said.

 However, he added that people need to understand that 22 years of dictatorship cannot be solved within 12 months. “There is going to be challenges here and there and he (Jammeh) has loyalists in and outside the country. But the good thing is, despite the lapses we were able to apprehend this people,” he said.

Mr. Dibba said in order to have good security, accountability and transparency, we need to train our personnel, democratize our security institutions, reduce the number, make them smarter by given them access to modern technologies.

Mr. Dibba stated that part of their security platform technology will be the center of everything. “We must make use of the best of modern technology. We don’t want system failure like today what is happening in the country. We want to make sure that every Gambian is accounted for and every Gambia data is available and Gambians will be protected through modern technology,” he noted.

The Interior PS revealed that the country will soon have a Smart CT Project. “We will have a 24-hour Call Center where Police, Immigration; Fire and Rescue services and operatives of the Drug Law Enforcement Agencies will be there and we will have cameras at strategic locations. We are not only going to rely on the physical presence of the police but combined human efforts with human technology,” he stated.

The issues of National Identify Card, he went on, will be resolved once and for all, as it is now in front of Cabinet and they will take decision in the best interest of Gambians.

Author: Momodou Jawo
Source: Picture: PS Bulli Dibba