GDC reacts to death threat of executive member

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) party says it has learned with dismay the recent death threat against their party youth president, M.C. Cham Junior, by a military officer called Sarjo Conteh.

Mamma Kandeh the party’s secretary general and leader has said in a press release that the GDC is expressing its profound concern as the said Sarjo Conteh has allegedly sworn to shoot MC Cham if he is out on the street on December demanding for President Barrow to step down.

According to him, Mr. Conteh made mention of the training of hundreds of security personnel against the “3 Years Jotna” movement in December.

“It is saddened to know that the New Gambia that would have been guided by the respect for human rights, freedom to assemble and respect for protesters view are being oppressed which does not tell well in the building of a New Gambia for all.”

He added that the said Sarjo Conteh has apologised to M.C. Cham which is accepted, saying the party leadership would remind the entire security sector to be more loving and protective to Gambians as their priority.

“The GDC is calling on the government to be more responsible to her people as part of their mandate is to protect Gambia and Gambians irrespective of their political differences.”