GCCI on move with digital revolution

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

The Gambia Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Vision Global, a Digital Marketing Firm have rolled out the new GCCI superwebsite, a website built to serve the interests of general population, investors and most importantly to serve as a support tool for budding entrepreneurs.

The new GCCI supersite hosts Gambia’s first crowdfunding website, which will enable users to access posted projects in various fields, that allows Gambians to invest or donate in projects of their interest.

Alieu Secka, the chief executive officer of The Gambia Chamber of Commerce said that there has been a longstanding interest for a structured way that Gambians in the country and abroad can invest in the private sector. “Crowdfunding is a wonderful tool that offers an alternative to the conventional financing models that are all too often not inclusive enough to include youth and marginalised groups that we have a duty to support and strengthen their participation in the private sector.”

Mr. Secka added that; “ we live in digital age and the digital revolution is inevitable, we need to take full advantage of its benefits to society otherwise we will be left behind, other African countries are already becoming a leading force globally and not just in Africa and it is time for The Gambia to step up to the plate. The website also currently hosts the GM store which is also Gambia’s first Digital platform for entrepreneurs who cannot afford the exorbitant costs of renting or building physical premises and as a result find it difficult to sell their products. With the GM store, purchases can be made online and delivered to the customer making the buying process more convenient for all parties involved.”

Mr. Modou Sarr, a Digital Marketing Consultant who built the website expressed gratitude that this project came to fruition and was very grateful to the Gambia Chamber of Commerce for being the dynamic and professional organisation that it is.

He expressed optimism that the business community will fully embrace the site, and that businesses will make sure they are listed in its new business directory with enhanced marketing features which will allow for online purchase and delivery to their homes.

“The future is bright for Gambia if our talented youngsters are given the support they need.”