GCCI CEO urges support for Gambian businesses

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Chief Executive Officer of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Employer’s Association has continued to advocate for support to businesses and entrepreneurs in The Gambia.

CEO Alieu Secka, who reiterated this call while making a presentation on Friday at the launch of a Cash Power vending service by IT service provider Elixir Global Group, held at GCCI Secretariat, said the people and authorities in The Gambia “must practise to encourage and give emotional and practical help to Gambians with innovative business ideas, as well as patronize their products and services”, saying this will boost business growth and expansion, create more wealth and jobs, alleviate poverty as well as spur the country’s economy.

Many business ideas and SMEs and even some companies have lost into thin air or gone out of business for lack of support from government, private sector institutions like the banks, the consuming public, other business partners, and even staff or proper work team.

While many were put out of business owing to lack of financial support and business ethics, some have been forced into oblivion due to cumbersome business and corporate regulations from the government. Yet others are discouraged into folding up for lack of patronage to Gambian businesses or for ‘Things made in Gambia’.

The GCCI CEO said it is about time Gambian entrepreneurs and businesses were supported to boost growth and development in The Gambia, all for the benefit and prosperity of the people and the economy of the country.

He however urged entrepreneurs and businesses in The Gambia to persevere and endeavour to maximize quality and value for money in their business operations.

Author: Osman Kargbo
Source: Picture: CEO Alieu Secka wants support for entrepreneurship in The Gambia