Gamtel/ Gamcel boosts Tanka- Tanka with washing machine

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Gamtel/Gamcel Company recently donated a washing machine to the Tanka-Tanka Hospital to support the washing of the hospital patients’ clothes in an easy manner.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the Director of Customer Service at Gamcel, Sarjo Khan expressed gratitude to the Tanka-Tanka management for accepting to partner with them, noting that this was not the first time they have been supporting the hospital.

He further noted that Tanka-Tanka is the only hospital in The Gambia that offers free service to their patients, hence supporting them was key as it was not an easy job to handle a deranged person.

“We donated this washing machine to complement the Government’s effort and also to contribute to the hygiene of the patients in the hospital, as hygiene is very important in health of a person,” he noted.

Mr. Khan encouraged the Tanka-Tanka staff to continue their good work.

Manyima Cham, senior Marketing Manager at Gamcel assured Tanka-Tanka hospital that the partnership between them would continue.

She noted that the donation was done in order to give back to the community.

Madam Cham noted that Gamcel/Gamtel is here for everyone and their doors are always open for everyone for support and help.

For his part, Foday Jawla, the Chief Executive Officer of Tanka-Tanka hospital returned gratitude to the management of Gamtel/Gamcel for their laudable gesture, noting that, that was not the first time Gamcel has supported them.

Jawla further said the machine donated would go a long way in helping them to wash the patients’ clothes as they once had one but it could not serve all of their requirements as they have up to 100 patients in the hospital.

The PRO of the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Modou Lamin Jammeh, also thanked Gamcel/Gamtel for complementing the Government’s effort and urged others to emulate them as the government could not do it alone.

Author: Fatou Dem