GAMSIF validates communication, public advocacy strategy

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Gambia Sustainable Land Management and Investment Framework (GAMSIF) recently validated its public communication and advocacy strategy report, which is designed to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture in The Gambia.

If all goes as planned, this project would lead to increase agricultural productivity, thereby bringing this investment framework to life with support from NEPAD’s TerrAfrica Project, which has supported the development of the public advocacy and communications strategy.

The review and validation of the report was held on Wednesday at NEMA Conference room in Abuko.

The communication and public strategy is anchored on GAMSIF’s fundamental conviction that rural economic development is crucial to the sustainable development of lands and people so as to ensure equitable positive outcome in the country.

The chief business development officer of Tefa, Mariama T. Fatajo underscored that communications and public advocacy is about connecting people such as staff, beneficiaries and other institutions to vital information, best practices, knowledge and expertise they need in order to perform their jobs well and create value.

“The analysis of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) was done to know what kind of information should be communicated to the target stakeholders to achieve the objectives of GAMSIF and its desired impact. The summary of KAP analysis of stakeholders shows the potential contribution expected from each stakeholder’s group with respect to the purpose of the GAMTIF,” she said.

She outlined that the power to bring about change is expanding as people and communities make their voices heard and thus the focus of the communication must adapt to take advantage of these trends.

“We will engage with government and development agencies, but we must also broaden our focus by reaching out more directly to civil society; leveraging the collective force of individuals uniting around the cause of SLM; building relationship with media that go beyond seeking headlines; and working more closely with communication officers and to connect with communities and farmers.” she added.

 The director general at the Department of Agriculture, Sariyang M.K. Jobarteh expressed with delight in reviewing the communication and public advocacy strategy report, saying GAMSIF is of the view that social, political and economic agendas are increasingly shaped by a wide range of media and digital channels.

“We need to capitalise on these trends to dramatically expand the reach of GAMSIF communication and in doing so expand our ability to influence public, fuel social engagement and drive private and public resources for Gambian farmers”.

He called on consultants to take note of whatever they have reviewed and to distribute it with other stakeholders. 

Author: Pa Modou Cham & Rose Zahra Gomez