Gamcel deny transfer to 4 Volleyball players

Friday, March 23, 2018

Four Gamcel female volleyball players are being denied transfer letters by their club, this journalist has gathered.

It has been confirmed to this reporter that Volleyball Stars Sainabou Tambedou, Jama Gai, Anna Marie Bojang and Jalika Jallow were the affected players.

Unconfirmed sources say the players were dismissed from the team for attacking their teammate Muminatou Mbowe in January, 2018. The alleged attackers were said to be Sainabou Tambedou, Anna Marie Bojang, Jama Gaye, Jalika Jallow, Yama Saho, Kura Lowe and Bintou Jarju, all players of Gamcel Volleyball Team.

Reports have it that Yama Saho and Bintou Jarju are still playing for the team, while Kura Lowe has left the team. The quartet requested for transfer letters before the start of the volleyball league to join Brikama, following their reported dismissal from the Gamcel Female Volleyball Team.

When contacted by this reporter, Musa Susso of the Gamcel Volleyball Team said he was in a meeting, while another Team Official Kalidou Bayo better known as KC wont grant an interview. “I don’t know anything about this!” KC told this reporter over the phone.

Bai Dodou Jallow, President of The Gambia Volleyball Federation told this medium that, his executive was yet to receive any official notification of any transfer letter request or Gamcel dismissing the concerned players.

However, he said, his executive is working on mediating between the players and Gamcel to have the players continue playing. “This is between a club and its players but we will try our best to mediate,” Jallow told The Point Sports.

The players have been with the team for many years and according to observers, the players are key in Gamcel Volleyball Team and should not be frustrated by anyone to quit the game so easily.

Author: Alieu Ceesay