Gambia’s intelligence service views social media as a challenge

Monday, December 31, 2018

The director general of the State Intelligent Service (SIS), Ousman Sowe, has said that the country’s intelligence service is committed to addressing the security needs, underlining that the country’s security situation remains calm.

He added that the security indicators of the country are good. However, he affirmed that social media continues to remain a challenge per their 2018 assessment.

“In meeting the national security challenges over this period, we have concluded that one way that works for this country is engagement. We need to engage each other. We need to have constructive discussion and we need to have constructive engagement and that has been our strategy,” he said.

He added that thanks to the support, understanding, readiness and cooperation of the Gambian people and other stakeholders, they were able to contribute immensely in maintaining national peace and security.

The SIS boss was speaking on Friday during a press conference at the SIS Headquarters in Banjul. The press briefing was meant to give the state of the SIS over the past regarding what they were doing. This is the 3rd conference the SIS has held since assuming office in February 2017.

He said their task was to reform, restructure, reshape, recast and to re position the service so that it becomes an intelligence service worthy in helping and meeting the security needs of the country both at home and abroad.

“Having the briefing with you is a testimony to the fact that there is a need for reform and there is a massive improvement in making the service a public institution that serves the interest of Gambian people,” he said. “We have been 24 hours involved in the restructuring of the service.”

He informed that every day, the intelligent service is working in the interest of Gambian people in reforming and restructuring the service.

Part of their reforms, he went on, is to have a public institution that is accepted, trusted, recognised and that is not scaring people and that it commands the confidence of people.

“What we have seen happening in the country is the fact that people are now coming to us and they are not running away from us. We are focused on our intelligence collection, processing, analyzing and dissemination.”

“We have come with the # tag, no more excesses that have been our guiding tool.”

“Today we can say that the # tag in the service is no more existing and I mean it because we have not arrested neither detained anybody.”

Ousman Sowe stated that they have gone on tour and visited communities across the country with the view to bringing the message of the new SIS. “We want to have an SIS that is for the Gambian people but not against Gambian. We want to have an SIS that will work in ensuring that national security is maintained an also an SIS that will invite Gambians to partake in national security affairs,” he remarked.

The level of capacity building that currently is undergoing both at home and abroad, Sowe said, had never happen before SIS. “Today the SIS staffs are highly trained and will continue to be trained and they are highly motivated,” he stated, noting that they have gone far in infrastructure, resources mobilisation and deployment.

Author: Momodou Jawo
Source: Picture: DG Ousman Sowe,SIS