Gambia’s ENC to release debut album “Victory”

Monday, October 15, 2018

(Friday 12th October, 2018 Issue)

Gambian dance hall artiste ENC who have been releasing many interesting songs said his debut album “Victory” will be released on 10 November.

“The music industry is moving. I want to tell my fans to keep following and supporting as usual. They are doing the right thing,” he told Gambian publication Voice Vibes ahead of the album’s release.

The album was recorded at World vibes Records and is expected to contain about a dozen songs.

ENC’s announcement may come as a surprise or an expected evolution for fans who once decried releasing his own album.

“I don’t want to do albums,” he said three years ago around the time of the release of a compilation record called Allbomb. “I released two mix tapes and I also released Girls Segment, which had 17 tracks. The new compilation has 25 tracks,” he said.

About guests on Victory, he said: “I featured artists like ST, Gee, Bai Babu, Big Faa, A2, Limbo and [Jamaican act] Ishawna in this album, saying this is its first official album.

“This album is special to me for the fact that I am putting in the long experience I have in the business, ranging from different sounds and genres. I have worked with a wide range of producers from different parts of the world. This album will take the listeners through a journey that you can only tell after listening to all the songs.”

Author: Pa Modou Cham