Gambians in Egypt celebrate 53rd Independence Anniversary

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Gambians in Egypt, with their Egyptians friends and family members celebrated the country’s 53rd years of nationhood in Cairo, Egypt in grand style.

The celebration in Cairo was organised by The Gambia’s consular in Egypt, Hatem Raslan . The celebration was characterised with a friendly football match and a dinner to create more galaxy for love and unity among themselves.

Speaking at both the dinner and at the football match, Hon. Raslan, thanked Gambians in Egypt for coming together to celebrate the country’s rebirth.

He advised them to foster unity, have love for the country and thus contribute to the development agenda of The Gambia, saying that the development of the country entirely lies in the hands of Gambians and their good friends.

He stated that the new government under the leadership of His Excellency President Adama Barrow, has always been calling on Gambians to put all hands on deck to develop the nation.

“We have a new dispensation, and the new dispensation needs us to work together to achieve the programmes outlined in the National Development Plan (NDP) which is the government’s blue print document.”

According to Hon. Raslan, Gambia now needs investors that can invest in different sectors of the economy and assured Gambians in Egypt that his office will search for more investors that are ready to invest in the country.

He called on Gambians in Egypt to continue working hard and have the country at heart thus remember their families back home to support them so as to improve their living standards.

Hon. Raslan said that the football match was exclusively organised to bring them together to reflect on the country’s development, while the dinner was also meant to bring them as “one family” to interact and discuss their contributions in developing the nation as Gambians.

He called on Gambians both in Egypt and outside to continue give their support to the new government.

“If you know that you can bring investors to the country who can invest in education, agriculture, ICT, health, etc., you can do so as a citizen of the country. Now, it’s the time for all of us to search for investors”, he concluded.