Gambians call for presidential term limit as NCCE, CRC outreach continues

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Gambians are demanding for the introduction of a presidential term limit as practised in most developed countries as the National Council for Civic Education and Constitutional Review Commission continues their tour of regions. The tour is meant to prepare and set the ground for public consultations proper across the country.

Those who shared their thoughts with the tour officials affirmed that presidential term limit should be captured in the new constitution that the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) is mandated to prepare.

From Baddibu to Jokadou in the North Bank Region, rural dwellers believe introducing presidential term limit will minimise leadership crisis and enable people to play their role in national development.

Foday Trawally of Salikenni village in Central Badibu said the new constitution should clearly capture term limit for president, suggesting that in elections, the simple majority should be maintained because in most cases second round elections are marred by violence.

Mr. Trawally also called for supplementary voters card registration to be maintained as witnesses are always present to ensure non-Gambians are not given voters cards. He further suggested for voting to be introduced in selecting chiefs, saying there should be a law to guide the formation of political parties and who should fund them.

Central Badibu National Assembly Member Sulayman Saho called on people to endeavour to attend the consultation proper to put forward their ideas.

Nfamara Dibba, a native of Darsilami village in Jokadou also called for the introduction of presidential term limit, saying once term limit is introduced it will force anyone occupying the post to work hard and not to abuse their power.

Dibba, however, discouraged the idea of president appointing Chief Justice and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) chairperson. “Once the president did these appointments, he has control over them. In reality, Chief Justice and the electoral commission chairperson should execute their functions with a high degree of independence.”

Nyima Fofana, also a native of Darsilami said people vote for National Assembly Members to bring about development, but in most cases they are only interested in filling their pockets and travelling.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb in Farafenni