Gambian teacher in Senegalese jail .....

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Alagie S. Jallow, a Gambian teacher from Jahanka village in Central River Region (CRR), was arrested by Senegalese security patrol team on Gambian soil between Jahanka and SareKanimang in connection with possession of cannabis.

He was arrested sometime in April this year after a clash between the villagers of Jahanka and neighbouring villages in Casamance namely: Kerr Yoro, Kerr Saine and Kerr Jolie over land issues which led to the shooting of Ansumana Drammeh, an officer of The Gambia Fire and Rescue Services.

The principal of Jahanka Basic Cycle, Alhaji Fofana said on April 23, 2018, Mr. Jallow was heading to Jahanka from SareKanimang when he was stopped and questioned by a group of people who are thought to be from the three villages in Casamance discussing among themselves. The principal said, they asked him where he was from and he told them he was from Sare Madi; and then they asked what he was doing there because he is a Gambian and was not supposed to be there. On attempts to attack him, the Senegalese security patrol team arrived on the scene who rescued him from any imminent danger from the group.

However, according to the principal he was caught in possession of 250g of cannabis on Gambian land but was taken to Kolda.

“He was arrested and taken to Kolda around 6 p.m. and the following day he was sentenced for 2 years,” the principal said.

Asked if Mr. Jallow was given any assistance by him or the school administration, Fofana said, they were not given the chance as the whole process was done within 24 hours.

He said, the principal of Bansang Senior Secondary School, Ismail Ceesay, visited Mr. Jallow in Kolda and spoke to the security personnel who told him that he should talk to their seniors at the ministry level and that if that happened he may be released.

He said they have touched on all avenues but his teacher is still languishing in jail. Fofana further said the police are aware as he visited the regional police headquarters in Janjanbureh and the deputy governor of CRR about the matter.

He said both the Foreign Ministry and Gambia Teachers Union (GTU) are also aware of the matter.

Fofana urged Gambian authorities to act swiftly so that Mr. Jallow can be repatriated back to his country of birth.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko