Gambian officials return from Mbour retreat

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Gambian officials have returned to the country after attending a second retreat held in Senegal with its public enterprises on progress report.

The Gambia International Airline, The Gambia Ports Authority, The Gambia Transport Service Cooperation, The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority, National Road Authority, The Gambia Maritime Administration and the representative of the National Assembly, who is a member of the committee responsible for monitoring of government infrastructure projects, represented the Gambia. The managing director of GAMWORKS was also in attendance.

In her opening remarks, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Works, Mariama Njie disclosed that they gathered at Tendaba camp for the first retreat where they held candid discussions and shared information in line with their policy goals and objectives.

She reminded members that they agreed at the last meeting that they should be meeting every six months to review progress within their sectors to meet the aims and objectives of the NDP for sustainable development.

“As much work awaits us to further transform the sector, especially in this challenging economic climate, it was crucial for the two days retreat to serve as a guide to our strategic direction to build on the success that we have already achieved so far,” she noted.

The second retreat was to report on progress by each sector on their work plan for 2018, which was tabled at the first retreat in Tendaba.

The retreat was geared towards reviewing the progress of members, in which the ministry and its public enterprises presented and discussed work progress of the various work plans.

It also revealed and shared the sectors’ achievements from January to July 2018 for implementation of work plans, inline with the aims and objectives of the NDP (National Development Plan).

The retreat concluded on July 25, 2018, at Mbour, Senegal.

Mariama Njie thanked all the participants for the discipline and approach they adopted during the two days session.

She further hailed and encouraged the continuity of the hard work being manifested in the progress report.

Author: Fatou Bojang