Gambian Journo to launch first book

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Publisher and managing editor of New Gambia Magazine-Saloum Sheriff Janko will be launching his first book titled - Jaliba Kuyateh: The Cultural Revolutionary in Kora Music on November 30th at Semega Janneh Hall, Serrekunda East Mini Stadium.

Saloum Sheriff Janko, a former Xinhua News Agency Banjul Correspondent said the book is about the life of Jaliba Kuyateh, the history of Kora, ethnic groups and their cultures in The Gambia.  The book is non-fiction because it depicts a true story of Gambian cultures.

The information in the book, he said, are very important especially to young people and generations yet unborn because it is full of history not only about The Gambia but other African countries and Europe.

Mr. Janko said at a press briefing on Monday that writing the history of a living and developing man is the most difficult thing on earth. “Normally, when one writes the history of a dead man, one knows where to begin and where to end. This has then made it very difficult for me to conclude the history of such a guru-cum-super star of music.”

He said out of relative obscurity each generation has a role to play, to either betray or fulfil it. “I hope I have fulfilled mine in writing the history of one of the greatest man of our times in The Gambia. Hardly had educated men embraced culture or ensure the continuity of the socialisation processes, but here is Jali who had done so.”

This very short explanatory narrative of Jaliba Kuyateh, he added, is not exhaustive; it is an attempt to elucidate on one important person in our society. He said that writing history is not as easy as writing an imaginary work whereby one only conjures information. “Collecting data in Africa is very difficult as much data is not processed.”

He said Gambian press and media are made to believe that it is only information about important people like politicians and celebrities that should be covered and recorded for posterity, which the Jalis may not fall within.

“Therefore, Jali according me, the time to conduct an interview with him and referring to very few materials that carry viable information about him, rendered me to accomplish one of the most difficult task in life.” he added. 

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb
Source: Picture: Author Saloum Sheriff Janko