Gambian Imam in UK urges unity

Monday, June 18, 2018

As Senegambians in Europe join the rest of the world Muslim community to celebrate their feast of Eid-ul-Fitr, Gambian Imam at the Forest Gate Mosque in London has emphasised the importance of unity and appealed to Muslims in his congregation to be ‘‘forgiving, merciful and sympathetic’’ to one another.

Delivering his sermon before hundreds of worshipers, Imam Sarr said that, ‘‘sharing and supporting’’ one another is vital, imperative and essential in Islam.

He also urged Muslims to appreciate and thank Allah for witnessing this year’s Eid celebration as they are the fortunate ones to be alive, saying some people are ‘‘not fortunate enough to be here with us.’’

Imam Sarr equally stressed that people should do good things only for Allah’s sake and not otherwise; saying if not, it will be futile and ineffectual. 

He cautioned people to distance themselves from the exploitation and misuse of social media in the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) without an iota of ‘‘evidence or verification.’’

He outlined that ‘‘misleading statements and misquotations’’ attributed to the prophet Muhammad (SAW) for one’s own sake or interest is ‘‘unforgivable,’’ emphasising that such misleading utterance is not only indefensible but also unguarded and the consequences could be sinful. Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) words are clear, lucid and comprehensive and cannot be reinvented.”

The Gambian Imam also reminded his congregation that a donation towards the Gambian mosque was ‘‘essential and indispensable’’ and thanked everyone for their assistance and support. 

Consequently, Imam Sarr confirmed to the gathering that forms that have been circulating during the gathering were meant for an annual contribution of £100 in support of the Gambian Mosque. He disclosed that so far many people have made pledges in that regard, which he said was not only positive but also encouraging. 

Beside the sermons and speeches, the ambience, mood as well as the stunning costume, attire and outfit of both men and women present was a testimony of the high regard and respect reserved for the day.

Francis Blain, The Gambian High Commissioner, respected Gambians and Senegalese, dignitaries and several other nationalities prayer attended the Eid.

Author: Alhagie Mbye The Point Europe Correspondent